Change is a Level Up!

The action word today is Change.  This word I have been given was a result of an incident I experienced.

I was thinking about what changes our current situation or challenges that lies before us.  The answer, the change that comes from within at the root of it. Sure money may would fix the problem but would it fix the root of the problem, which may be our stewardship skills.

The root of problem is sometimes not the challenge itself, it may God needs to get our attention, humble us, or the fact that we may need to take inventory over our S.U.T.,  our systems, our understanding, our thinking, our perspectives on life, our thought life, our prayer life, our self-acceptance which is how God sees us, increase our faith, and CANCEL out anything that drags us down or attempt to back us up into past proclivities or familiar spirits.

I even wanted to touch on the fact that everyone (even the closest ones) may not see you as God sees you, you still have to press on towards the high calling of Jesus Christ.  Because God will do what He said He will do, with or without the naysayers’ approval or denial.  Sometimes it will hit home because it is a family member that you may have issues with or possibly your best friend or even your spouse; however, God tells in His Word that we are not to put our confidence in our own flesh or  warns us against confidence in men (including women).

Resist the devil, and he will flee (reference is James 4:7).  Remember the change makes our anointing oil flow purer and sweeter in our lives.  Receive and believe this today in the name of Jesus Amen!

Hope you are having a blessed day!