Know Your State!

Greetings on Today!

The word given to me this morning is we need to know our physical state(location) and spiritual state (mental condition) each day.  As God knows all and sees all, but He holds us accountable to believe Him and trust Him with all our issues and keep our minds stayed on him.  It is very easy to get distracted in life; however, in Philippians  Chapter 2, the focus is Imitating Christ’s Humility.  It goes on to tell us that God is concerned about our state.

The word State in this article is considered to be a  circumstance, condition, or position.  God expects us to live and perform in our lives within His image.  We are to have the same mindset as Christ, the same perspective in all things.  This is also expounded on in Genesis 1:26-31.  “Let Us Make Man in Our Image.”

What is your posture towards your current position?  Are we content in all things? Are we doing things without murmuring or complaining?

I know it is not easy and yes, it does take practice to create a more succinct (in tune) relationship with God.  But by not complaining or murmuring, you become blameless and pure in the sight of God (Phil. 2:14-15).  By doing this God says we will shine,  we are the Salt of this very earth.  Let us not just look out for our own welfare, but show genuine concern and follow through with others.  Your blessing to others may not be financial means right now, but maybe you could share an encouraging word, or just listen for the cries of others.  Sometimes people cover up their cries, their hurts, their pains, because indirectly he/she have learned through societal rules that showing vulnerability about one’s personal life could be dangerous; however, our vulnerability may propel someone out there waiting for a breakthrough, the opportunity to be honest with themselves so that they can proceed forward.

Showing others your wounds gives courage to those who want to be free mentally, to feel, and share their testimony.  Your testimony may save someone’s life.  Pray, listen, and then GO into all the earth sharing the good news!  God loves you today, be blessed!