De-Throne Your Adversary, GOD is in Charge!

If you are facing a problem that just do not seem to get better.  Thank GOD today for all the fiery trials.

Nothing Just Happens!  What It Appears It Could Very Well Be Greater in the END!

Don’t give your situation power and ammunition over your GOD.  Tell your situation about your GOD.  For He is not so high that he does not empathize with our infirmities, our trials, our struggles, and our desires.

How does he empathize?  He walked in our shoes before we walked in them before we knew we existed.

We are daughters and sons of the High Priest, the most of High King, the Holiest of the Holies.

I urge you to be sober and vigilant, as the enemy roams around, seeking whom he may devour and destroy. Remember the enemy/adversary is the father of all lies!

The adversary can be an outside entity or us against ourselves. Sometimes the enemy attempt to use the very one we love the most, truth be told.  And last, we can be our worst enemy at certain moments of our life.  That is why we have to ask for the Holy Spirit each day to guide us, and help us to be obedient, first to God, as He will never lead us wrong regarding our relationships, business decisions, and even acquaintances.

Sometimes there are things from a temporary situation, our past, internal, unaddressed issues, or subconscious issues that lies inside us, that hinders us from walking in Spirit and Truth with God.  We cannot overcome things or issues that we do not face.  In order to maximize your potential, make sure there is no bad roots that you may not want to deal with or feel is too late to address.  Just Do It, Handle the concerns, so they will not handle us or our kids, or even the next generation literally.  There is massive voice of believers and intercessors all around this world, that no believer, or their families be left behind from excelling.

But Let us pray together right now for each and everyone (including myself) who desires a life true and free in Jesus.  We pray for immediate deliverance and healing on each and everyone that we fully inherit ALL that GOD established for each and every one of us, before the foundations of the earth, in Jesus name, and I decree it is SO!  We shall be all that GOD intended for us to be by going through the pains, we shall make disciples while we walk according to His Purpose, walk in pursuit of freedom, and not fear of next year, next month, tomorrow, the next hour, the next minute, or even second. Hallelujah! The Blood Still Works Today, Yesterday, and Forever more!  We are Free! Praise GOD right now for your coverings and blessings! Praise creates space for GOD to work and place us on our next level, from Glory to Glory!

I sincerely hope that you receive this message, this is all for the Glory of GOD!  Feel free to subscribe, comment, or share your testimony.  Have a blessed and prosperous evening!

Love, Vanessa