“A Relentless Call”


I wanted to let you know TODAY that I am encouraged and I want you to be encouraged!  I love to learn new information and I love to read.  It is a blessing that God has allowed me to come across this book “Relentless” by Kevin J. Moore, PhD.  This book is a life changer and has convicted me about a statement I read in an excerpt of this book, that WE must have a HOLY concern for our fellow brothers and sisters.

My question to you today is are We acting as Strangers or as the Beloved?  Are we so careful to encourage each other consistently through the Christian walk of faith?  Are we making every attempt to be all we can be for our neighbors to the best of our ability?  Are we careful to demonstrate Jesus more than we demonstrate us?  This book woke up some of my internal instincts to be more attentive to people’s needs in general.  We really never know who may need our smile, our hand in help, or our gentle push to not give in or up.

I had a meltdown this morning about something very minor, BUT GOD!  Sometimes we have to ask people to help us sometimes.  We are human with flaws, but we can still aspire each day to be a better person with a positive attitude each day about life.  Our flaws are a part of us, that makes us who we are, and they come to no surprise to GOD. YES GOD can use our flaws to promote us higher depending our individual perspectives.

Let me ask you, Do you connect with your calling or are we acting, as mere strangers, to our assigned tasks, or various roles and responsibilities?  I ask the LORD to forgive me for being focused on the wrong things at times!  I ask you to forgive me now LORD.  We are to LOVE the LORD with all our heart, mind, and soul, and LOVE our neighbors as we LOVE ourselves.  Who is your neighbor today???

Let me tell you, you may be shaking in your boots, you may feel like a champion right now, but either way, God can use you!

God admonishes (urges) us to lift others up instead of using our mouths to tear people down.  The only things we should be pulling down are strongholds over our minds, bodies, or souls. Do not fret over evildoers for God is watching over us!

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Love, Vanessa