“Letter from the Desk of Vanessa”

Good Afternoon Followers:

I wanted to just place a little note right here of how Stimulation to Success Ministries are expanding in the services offered.

I have always had a desire to help others to succeed, so I am being prayerful to follow through.

I have peers and other friends that are just launching businesses that I can promote via the site.

I am looking to roll this out by fourth quarter of this year, no later than first quarter of 2017. Please be prayerful along with me, as I look for innovative ways to help others, and still function in my gift, in ministry.  You know new levels can sometime bring more obstacles, but GOD!

Please feel free to leave your name and email address in general information box should you want to get an early start.  It is for 30 days total free publicity, including your business listed on the site for 30 days total.  This is also a great way to get to know people and interact as we all move along in our God-ordained purpose.  The only requirement is that the Businesses publicized must be an ethical group.

I will contact you back in the order in which the inquiries or requests are received.  I appreciate you all! God Bless.  Love, Vanessa