“Unify Me”

Happy Holidays to all my Family, Friends, Followers in the Faith today!

God is doing some great things in the atmosphere, and my prayer is that God will continue to prepare His people.  That He would perform His miracles and wonders,  His blessings and Goodly pleasures on behalf of my family, friends, and followers in the faith!

My prayer is that we always function in Divine Authority and in Divine Unity.  Let us allow Jesus to fight our battles, just stand in the integrity of who you are! Remember Jesus Will,  if we keep still, and Stand for His Purpose and ultimately His Glory! The song in my heart this morning, is the song “Jesus Will,” by Anita Wilson.

“I know that He Will! Lord, I know Jesus Will!  “Won’t He Do It!”  

Can I get a “Yes, and Amen!?!”

God’s hands will place you in a place that may not be extremely comfortable; it may be out of your comfort zone; have you kneeling on the floor.

Have you brought your situation, your case before our LORD today?  You know that God is the only one that is able to vindicate and redeem us out of the miry clay, out of the thick.

I ask you God that you guard all of our hearts as everything we do flows from them, Proverbs 4:23 Know that our God is able to do anything but fail us!

Feel free to subscribe and follow today, love Vanessa!  Happy Holidays to All of You from our Blended Family!