“What is Faith?”

Happy Monday to all my Faith Seekers!!!

Today we will be talking about what is Faith.  According to God’s Word, there is a simple explanation of the word faith in Hebrews 11:1, as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”  Faith can also be seen as a living trust and/or  communication that stretches forth between God and his believers.

As I learn through training, attending ministry school, and personal worship experiences with God, I encourage you to develop your faith today, I am!!!  Glory to God!

We must understand that in order to grasp a measure of Faith, we must be at least able to identify who or what could potentially shatter our faith or hinder us from moving from basic “milk” level of faith to strong “meat” level of faith.  I used to think that we have different levels of faith; however, I stand corrected, we have only two choices, one is being on “milk” faith believer, and the other choice, is being on “meat” faith believer.

I have found in my research, study of God’s word, and through spiritual discernment in GOD there are other things can have a grave impact on the amount of faith we can activate and possess.  Our level of faith can also be limited to our Personal Imaginations, Pretensions, Warped Philosophies, and Lofty opinions of self and/or others.

But if we look at faith as being a child in God, nothing or no one can stop what God has preordained, as God or His word never fails us; however, we can create alliances with the enemy not knowing we are doing this.  These alliances created works against what God has released for us from the foundations of the earth.  Some examples of creating alliances with the enemy would be us saying things like, “My mom was an alcoholic, I guess I just cannot help being one too, but at least I do not drink as much”, or saying things like, “Bad things always happen to me.” Another example would be “I will never recover from this situation as I know no other way of life.” Stop creating alliances with Satan today!

Furthermore, we must understand that at times our frustration and lack of understanding of the LORD’s ways can breed us with contrite thoughts that can sometimes rescind us or delay us, instead of propelling us forward.  Subscribe to Stimulation to Success for encouragement and to experience the love of God.  I wish that all of you would have a blessed week!!!  Love, Vanessa

“Finally my sister, my brother, Don’t be a fear thinker.  Be a faith thinker!”

“No seas una persona que piensa con miedo.  Se una persona que piensa con fe.”