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“Perfect Space, Perfect Place”

Enter into your Perfect Space, Perfect Place with God.  For God is perfect in every way, the Lamb of God without a spot or blemish.  God can takes foolishness of this world and makes it wise.

Perfect Space, Perfect Place to birth your dream, to birth your purpose, to reveal who and why you are!

For the unbeliever this is the Perfect Space, Perfect Place to give your precious life to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while there is still yet time.  For the believer, this is the Perfect Space, Perfect Place to rededicate your life to Christ, rebuke the enemy off your blessings, remove the no’s that you or someone connected to you may be facing.

God commands us to be ye fruitful in every aspect of our life as well as our relationships. Be Fruitful today!   My encouragement today is for believers of Jesus Christ,  and those who may not have received Jesus yet, I plant the seed hopefully for you to want to know more.  The message is we are to be consistent in producing fruit, not just fruit, but good fruit. One should be able to know by our fruit, a Perfect Space, Perfect Place in personal relationship and communication with Jesus.

This post just highlights how devastating the current storms,  perils, emergency evacuations’ from our temporal places, pushing us to tap into our spirit man who desires to grow and mature in God in purpose.  I pray for everyone’s ability to remain focused on God. For God knows the plans for us, to have an expected end. I want you to be encouraged and know God is in control (Jeremiah 29:11).

He has not forgotten His people, especially those whose affections are set on our Everlasting God. For He knows the plans for us, to prosper us, to build us, to cover us, in the name of Jesus. Now as believers of Jesus Christ we have to continually ask to be filled with the precious Holy Spirit to stay on track to our purpose and goals, which should be God’s purpose. Be ready to provide a reason for your hope in Jesus today. For it is God’s anointing that breaks the yoke, performs the work, and completes the miracles in our lives. Only God is truly perfect so don’t give up, press, press, press, your way, dear people of God, this old fight of faith is a FIXED FIGHT!!!!

Today is the time to revel in your Perfect Space, Perfect Place in God. I urge you to release any unforgiveness,  and forgive yourself and others today, and move forward. Believe God and Move on!!! Our latter days shall be greater than our former days.  Believe this.  Please understand, those who are in Christ, we do not have the option to stop in our tracks, or change our minds because of inconvenience, grief, or pain, for we are God’s children’s’ who serves in His righteousness, not my righteousness, as our righteousness is as filthy rags.

May God Continue to Bless you and your families, right now, whatever you stand in the need of, I stand up with you one accord that every need will be met today in Jesus name! Share your testimony with Stimulation to Success and share your experience with Stimulation to Success Ministries today, Love you all, Vanessa, Blessings to you and your family!