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“Can I lose my anointing?”

I am a firm believer that you cannot lose your anointing!!!  Your fervor and your tenacity and all the wages paid in life and in life processes can try to dim our light.  You can also be on the mountain winning for a day, a period, but still battle with other struggles feelings on shoulders, and thinking you are at your lowest,  while you should be feeling at our highest with the clear direction, positive thoughts which leads to mental elevation, spiritual support, and unconditional love, that God provides to His children, that gentle love nudge that helps us to consistently win in our daily lives.  Stimulation to Success Ministries wants to be able to help facilitate changes in perceptive into a new way of thinking, creating your own winning environment, while helping others.  For certain, We must have Faith in God, and see the silver lining in our lives, as well as God’s supreme protection in all situation.

I have not been able to blog for a little moment.  You would never believe it, the level of attack first of all right now for me, and I remembered from past experiences,  expect a fight for every battle won.   Another one, the higher the attack, the higher level of anointing that is possessed.  With every blessing, there is a burden, and with every burden, there is a blessing as my Pastor relayed it.  At first I believed I had not been able to post because I have been under severe attack with my health and finances, and I have come to find out my attack was a smoke screen hiding the true manifestation of the promises that I asked God to facilitate in my life.  His change, His vision, His Promise, and His New way of Life.

Now I see even the more, that most of my challenges/battles has nothing to do me directly but that one is either going through, entering in, or coming out of a storm, a test,  or possibly a re-calibration season.   What I have also found is some recurring fights/ internal issues that one may have has to do with our internal core not being satisfied, meaning we have not fully gave up the wheel to our Jesus for him to work unchecked in our lives.  When we limit Jesus, it can actually hinder our effective witness, and hinder our fully functioning in God’s purpose, and the full anointing God provides.  I believe that God’s will is the only will that is right and when we are not fully in His will, then we tend to lean to our own thoughts,  mess up, think wrong about ourselves and others, and as a result, we fall short, of the Glory of God. This is why we as believers must be careful not to lean to our own understanding so that we will not fall into divers’ temptations, especially when our back is against the wall.  There is so many battles going on, that we do not see in the spiritual realm but we must literally protect our minds.  For our Heavenly Father goes ahead and fights for us.  For the most powerful tool the LORD gave His people is our MINDS!  Heal our minds, change our minds Father, Lift our hands, change our posture, for God is the only true Father!  Lord, please change our mind to not be like the world, but a new anointing with power!

LORD, help us to fight and endure the good fight of faith to where we do not question our purpose in life,  nor our love walk, as love is a daily requirement to walk with God.  I pray against every give up spirit, every give out spirit, every negative spirit, for God is real, so break every chain LORD, and he loves us and wants us his children to win! For God gives us our gifts without repentance.  This walk of faith is not a logical one, not easily charted, easily mapped, pegged, put into a bottle, for God is too great to bottle up, and put on top of the shelf.  He is not to be limited  by what others believe or think, we are made in his image, let us therefore be one with God!  Drop your testimony and subscribe today!  Bless His High name!  Have a blessed week, love, Vanessa!



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