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“The Impact”

“The Impact”

GOD: Are you going to listen to me?

ME: Yes LORD I apologize for being doubtful and not trusting you fully all these years. I will not harden my heart the Day Revelation hits, the Day I truly receive who you have made me and in what image you’ve made me in, the Day that you will give me the strength to put my foot on the enemies neck for good that the enemies I see today I will see no more!! Hallelujah!! I get it!!

GOD: Excellent my child. You thought I had forgotten you. You thought I didn’t hear you day and night, week by week, month by month till your days began to run into each other and the struggles never lifting hardship, pain, but I heard you my sweet daughter every time you called on me. I sustained you as my Grace is sufficient for you! BUT now my child walk out the promise I gave you and evolve boldly and evolutionize your thinking, people connected to you,  and your world.  For my daughter Vanessa, whatever you think you are you shall be. Forgive yourself today as I never stopped believing in you therefore release anything and anyone who contradicts what I have put my stamp on. Shed the dead weight that so easily entangles you NOW! You are free and free indeed! (Insert your name)

ME: Father God I worship you and thank you in advance for the ways you’ve made and doors opened!!! I thank you for mercy and grace. They shall follow me all the days of my life. As you walked with Moses ye shall walk with me.

I want to encourage every follower, reader, and visitor to seek God, be thirsty after His righteousness daily, be intimate, knowledgeable of the WORD, and remain humble. For this is day that the LORD hath made let us be glad and rejoice in Him! This month I challenge you to challenge yourselves to go to the next dimension in GOD, work on your house, your Eternal house, what’s on the inside. For we must hide His word in our hearts!  If this has blessed you, Please like and share Stimulation to Success Ministries blog today with someone, have a blessed week all, love Vanessa


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