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“Time to Win”


It is time!

The reason you are been fought so hard is you been winning too much

Remember the enemy of our souls is not going to just let us walk into our promise

Remember the enemy does not want us to get the revelation of who we are

For we would automatically win because we are adopted, crying Abba Father!

Take these moments right here step by step, faith to faith, and glory to glory

Don’t forget to smile and declare your promises

Overcome the negative things that have tried to keep you in an old dimension

And step forward into your new dimension in God

GO FORTH NOW it is waiting

Glory is just on the other side of OUR pain

Let us dance unto God, shout unto God, and consider our situations pure joy

Knowing we have an expected end in God

Don’t lose grip

You’re almost there to your Big Win

While we are all searching for that Drachma coin, it shall be found (Luke 15)

Yes it is TIME!!

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“Plant Your Feet on Solid Ground”

To my family, followers, and friends, I challenge you to plant your feet on solid ground, a firm sure footing, which is in the LORD Jesus Christ, as our example.  God’s word says His word will be a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path (Psalms 119:105 NKJV).  Make our feet like hind’s feet LORD.  I challenge you to meditate on the Excellencies of the Word of God today, plant your feet on Solid Ground.  Prayers up for all!  Have an excellent week, remember who is holding you down!

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“The State of Preparedness”

What areas improve as I am in being in the state of preparedness

  1. Reduces negative fear as some fear is a good fear (such as fear of God means having reverence for God)
  2. Brings Clarity and the ability to focus.
  3. Tap into our God-given wisdom and God’s favor to carry out all your assignments given by God.
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“Ponder This Thought”

There may be times you ponder why you opened up your heart, mind, and life to someone or something that you thought were for YOU but you realized in hindsight when you fall too fast for someone or something, there are repercussions.  This is risky business falling too fast; however, the difference would be the level of maturity that the parties involved possess, thus gives you an insight on how the situation or circumstance will pan out.  So let us check and fine tune our emotions before leaping into a new relationship or partnership to ensure we have done a mic check to make sure we are in position to take on this new person or this new task.  Everything sent to you is not your present!  Fine tune your will to God’s will everyday to ensure you’re balanced when you think, speak, understand, and walk in the authority that God has laid before you, your open door.  We must truly take to heart that we were bought with a price, Jesus Blood, that is not a little favor, God loves each and everyone in a MAJOR way, his Blood shed was proof of his unfailing love towards us even before we said yes to his way.  This is why everyone has a seed of vision and purpose inside of them already.  When Jesus died on the cross, the work was finished.  He does not come back to redo anything, what we need is already inside of us, where we shall do exploits in the Name of Jesus!  It is up to us to culminate and cultivate our ministries, and water and stretch ourselves towards the high calling in Jesus.  So never give up and always dream BIG!  If your vision ain’t BIGGER than YOU, meditate some more, it needs to be bigger than what you are physically able to do in your strength.  Your vision needs to scare you!  Love always, and forgive quickly, quickly forgive your enemies, and those that betray you, then watch the peace that passeth all understanding will come upon you and the clarity of the LORD shall come upon you.  My GOD in Heaven is a GOOD GOOD GOD! Then the Lord answered me and said,  “Write the vision, and engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets So that the one who reads it will RUN.” (Habbakuk 2:2, AMPLIFIED).  Let me tell you I RAN TODAY!!!!!!!!

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“The More That I Am Willing”


“The More I Am Willing to Be Who God Called Me to Be the Less I Will Be Who I Was” –  Minister Vanessa Brown

The more you run away from God’s given purpose, the faster you lose your power and momentum and vice versa,  the more you run towards (to, in the same direction, with the grain), the faster you gain and sustain your power and momentum and confidence in God and not our abilities in and of our flesh, and knowledge, and setup.   Remember “His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than our ways.”

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“Conversation with God”

This post is for everyone birthing in this season! Behold God is doing a New thing!

“Conversation with God”

Me: God, my Lord, wondering why all the silence…..

GOD: This was your time to thank me and worship me for the very things you prayed are coming. I heard you when you first prayed.

Me: What’s taking so long for it to manifest?

GOD: I had to set you apart for such a time as this. See the people couldn’t see who you are because I protected you and hid you during times of strong battle. You shall be fully prepared after the storm, fully prepared to have confidence in me for my purposes needed in the Body of Christ, to be able to effectively and relevantly minister to my sheep. You were on reserve my Daughter & Queen.

Me: But… Forgive me sometimes I wonder, wander.

GOD: You’re never anywhere I cannot locate you.  That’s what my Holy Spirit is available to help nurture and guide you into all truth through my Word and instructions. Stay focused on me. I will never leave you or forsake you, for I have redeemed you from all destruction, bought you with a price, so you could live free and more abundantly. I paid the price for you to be free and free indeed

Me: Thank you LORD for your precious salvation, that is free by the way, you made it possible for us to come to you even if we had no money. Tell me though why in some instances do I not feel free

GOD: Being free is not an emotion, something you can mirror from someone else’s life, it is simply your perception of your life, change your mind, it is the truth you stand under.  Freedom is not acceptance or rejection. Freedom is my power unleashed and uncut in your life. I have given my life as for you, will you do something for me?

Me: Yea, my LORD

GOD: Obey and follow my instructions even when it’s not logical for Faith transcend logic. Then let it be so & so it is. Remain steadfast, immovable, always abounding in Grace, Truth, Love, and Mercy, now go feed my sheep.

Me: I am, 10-4 over and out till we meet again, same place, and same bat channel.

I want you to know Good God today, that if you’ve ever felt like LORD when am I going to be able to walk it out and remain faithful through and through. Just believe God for it the first time you pray, and be open to hear him and obey his guiding. You can make it happen, keep moving forward in the Faith loving God, building an intimate relationship with Him. Have you just loved on God today and thanked him for even protection. There’s so many things going on in the world but our mighty Savior protects His sheep for all God’s people are valuable. Bless you on today, may this encourage you in some way. Subscribe and share today, love Vanessa.

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“Rhyme and Reason”

What thus saith the LORD

Why must we be of wise counsel

It is not of logic that we must counsel as once We find Faith

It shall supersede Human Logic

The LORD says in the Book of Proverbs that He who fears the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom

Seek the Father’s Glorious Wisdom

Forget succumbing to the enemy’s plans

Satan, The LORD Rebuke Thee

But Grace be to the Almighty King and Father Jesus


Finally brethren, the LORD’s WORD will never come back void

Let your Yes be Yes, and your NO be NO

Let the seasoned saints remember that  there is always something that improved by using our Faith

Let us not live this life and not live on purpose, Oh, God Forbid!

We need your way, your will, your love, right NOW God

For we need fresh direction over our own individual will’s

Now we can Trust in the LORD for our vision

And Do Good & WE shall prosper

Make Insight Our Priority says the LORD, (Proverbs 2 MSG)

Clear thinking and common sense will keep our soul alive and well


For it is our LORD who crown us with His Faith & His Intelligence

May God bless you and crown you with wisdom and strength to be who He has called you to BE!  Hallelujah!!!

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