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“It’s A Process, Trust God”

Greetings In Jesus Name!

Today is a very special day for me.  Today, December 22, 2016, marks Stimulation to Success Ministries birth, our one-year anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For He alone is worthy!!!!!!!

Beginning this blog was a vision, that later was implemented, and now we are here, a year later.  As a result, I had to what, Trust God for this moment!

When I think of the word process, I think of an accented journey, with the accents along the journey to represent our own personalized calendar events.  Processes can be slow and painful, and may not have an immediate solution, especially when you are not acting out of self, but following the direction of the Almighty.  This is when we could recall that we are being birthed into God’s purpose, plan, and steps, for our lives.

Birthing Places, as my Pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes imparted that the process may not be peaches and strawberries, but thanks be to the Rose of Sharon, The Lily of the Valleys, The Bright and Morning Star, we are victorious, If we humble ourselves and pray and put our feet in the stirrups and PUSH!!!!!

According to the 2nd chapter of the Song of Solomon, Jesus calls himself, “The Rose of Sharon” and the “The Lily of the Valley.”  We can find peace to know that Jesus is the light when there may be no worldly light reflecting, meaning we should base our faith off of what the world does and wraps it up.  The Word of God says we are not of the world, in John 17:16, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.” (John 17:16, NIV) Halleujah!

We must remember this through our unique daily processes, not to let our personal opinion or someone else’s opinion of who we are, affect our steps in faith. Since Jesus told us in His word that He is the Lily of the Valley, when we are in our valleys, we must remember Who is with us, always, even unto the end of times.  God is with US, and Jesus is Emmanuel. Emmanuel means “God with US.”

Sometimes the steps of our process may mean more distractions, and at times temporary moments of pain.  But remember the pain will not compare with the glory that shall be revealed within us.  Saints be aware that there is a PUSH that each believer goes through to enter into their promise land, it is in that moment, and you either “Stand and Do,” or “Stop moving and Die spiritually.”

We may not always have someone there to gird us, hold our hand, or remind us, that we are in the process, which means, we have to pray always and ask for spiritual discernment dealing with our own issues and/or internal dilemmas.

Everyone has their own race, their own course, their own battle to fight. The fight may not be literal, it could me that your assigned position in the fight would be to pray or believe that we are victorious.  This does not sound this hard, but actually being in the process, it can seem like there is no end.  But I have good news saints!  As we endure through life processes and change, know that everything that hath breath, should believe, LIVE, and Praise the LORD everyday!

It is my hope that this post finds you in a good place.  Hope you all are having a great day in the LORD, Be sweet, and remember God loves you, and so do I!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!!!!!  Get ready, Get ready, Get ready!!!!!!

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“Come Forth As Pure Gold!”

What is (are) your challenge (s) today? I challenge you to put on your armor of God and come forth as pure gold. Despite the fact the enemy is mad, will you stand in the integrity of who you are in Christ Jesus this day? Despite the fact the battle seems insurmountable against your strength, will you stand? Despite the fact the naysayers are praying for your downfall everyday, will you be like a tree planted by the river of life and stand? Despite the fact the odds are not showing right now in your favor, will you stand? Despite the fact that you want to give up because you are fed up to your eyeballs, will you stand in the integrity of your faith in Jesus Christ this day?  While you may be overlooked, stepped on, and put aside, will you stand for Christ?

My answer is Yes, Yes, Yes, and Amen! Even though times can be exceedingly challenging, remember there is nothing that we go through that our Jesus has not felt or experienced! Trust God today for your victory, Trust Him wholeheartedly, even when we wrong, God still makes a way to be faithful, “O Lang Zion.”  Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise Him!!!!

Will you stand??? Will you not leave or forsake your promise because it is rough and tough?  God reminds us in His word, “He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (Revelation 22:13).

I hope that you are having a blessed day, remember God loves you and wants us to be successful in our endeavors He is orchestrating. My prayers are that everyone that follows is blessed by the words of encouragement always!  Feel free to send me your information if you are interested in 30 days free publicity of your business or publication tentatively for fourth quarter no later than first quarter of 2017.  More news to come!!!!  I encourage you to inquire, subscribe and follow today!!!!

Love, Vanessa